Ankur Banerjee

Ankur Banerjee

Monday, May 19, 2014

life as a Mechanical Engineer....(experiencing since 4 years)

For engineering students, earning a degree in engineering is less enjoyable and far from what we and our parents expect. Hi ,Myself, this is Ankur. And here am gonna portray the life of a mechanical engineering student. This one from Lovely Professional University is perfectly sketched as a mechanical student's life.

                  "College life" the most memorable phase in everyone’s life… Hanging out with friends in canteen, bunking classes and going for movies, assignments, labs, proxies, Xerox centers, those college affairs and breakups and much more. All these events when I look back make me nostalgic.

                 The flip side is boring and dreadful lectures. Awful textbooks thick and dry filled with black and white manuscripts which are rarely a source of inspiration & confusion. And in addition to it, the frustrated professors and their monotonous style of teaching ( which is a competition to the best sleeping pill available in the market) and their never ending threats to lessen internal marks.

                   Life of a mechanical discipline student is horrifying. Reason we don’t have girls in our class. Gitls joining Mechanical Engineering is  like petrol prices coming down, Korea saying no to Nuclear weapons, Pakisthan players speaking fluent English, Indian movies in which hero dies.. in short next to impossible. It still remains a mystery why girls don’t opt for mechanical engineering. Why? Does it require brain muscles or arm muscles?
What ever might be the reason, we suffer a lot because we have to compete against each other for a single girl. i.e the smart looking girl available. This deprivation of girls have serious effects on health and mental status of a guy. 

Effects of low sex ratio in mechanical engineering…
1   1.)  Horny lifestyle..
                  Most of the boys from Vizag have done their 12th from either Sri chaitanya, Narayana college or vikas vidyaniketan. Where we have separate campuses for boys & girls. So we expect a colorful college life in engineering. But they end up in black & white color. ( refers to the color of workshop apron we wear in labs).  We don’t have any female friend circle. We don’t have a clue how to interact even if we have one. The only sweet feminine voice we hear is when we get a call from customer care or a call from HDFC,ICICI  call for home loan.

2.)  Nomadic Life style :(
                                   Some folks have decent female friend circle but they lose hope making them their girl friend because their dream girls are too far or the ones close to them are below the par standards...they find their refuge by watching other discipline girls. Beautiful girl doesn't notice us, and the girls who take a peek at atlst who we are....are far from whats called being  beautiful. :P

3.)  Bisexual lifestyle :( 
In one sentence our life and mobile inbox will be occupied by chao, abdul razzak, Sunil  & Mahesh..:'(

Exception candidates
                   It means, the committed ones, these are the men with
i)                   Super flattery skills or
ii)                Very low satisfaction standards.
iii)              The former ones use their past experience to lure other branch girls.

[...and so will my story continue about being in Mechanical engineering, and other important and serious mechanical stuffz will be updated in the due course which will be helpful to my other mechies]

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