Ankur Banerjee

Ankur Banerjee

Friday, May 16, 2014

starting of this blog again deleting the previous one...

Dearest Mechies! Henceforth, this blog will focus on learning Mechanical Engineering subjects! It won’t be a textbook..rather, it’ll be discussion of key concepts, links to reference material, links to video lectures, discussions on these topics, Do It Yourself activities, codes, etc. This I felt would be useful to readers of this blog. I won’t be going to the nitty gritties of the subjects, but will just discuss the jkey concepts, ideas and refer related material for further information and depth. In addition to this, there will also be content related to industry related topics, new developments, higher studies, career options, etc.
For ease of identifying and organizing, the entire body of knowledge for mechanical engineering that will be discussed in this blog will be divided into the following four areas:
1. Applied Mechanics and Design
2. Fluid and Thermal Sciences
3. Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering
4. Engineering Mathematics
5. Interdisciplinary Topics -  some electrical, electronics, bio, chem, materials and computer science
6. Advanced Topics – Computational Mechanics related topics
7. Product Specific Engineering topics – Automotive, Aerospace, Renewables, etc.
The prerequisites for these would be high school math and science. The articles are targeted at all those who have a high school math and science background, Most importantly, its for people with an insatiable desire for learning mechanical engineering!
For those looking on some study tips, on how to learn more in less time, how to complete an MIT course in one year and more such stuff, please go through this wonderful blog by Scott Young. He’s a genius and his articles arre awesome. They’ve helped me a lot.
I wish to devote a significant portion of my life for this purpose.. countless known and unkown people have shared their knowledge with me and helped me in my life.. The engineer and human in me is humbled by their kind acts…I believe I too have a duty to contribute something to my I begin  it with this…hope it is useful to my world and my people!

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