Ankur Banerjee

Ankur Banerjee

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

why- Mechanical Engineering...

At Jamshedpur Public School, there’s always the question ‘why do we need to know this?’ I chose to study Mechanical Engineering because it gave me the opportunity to further my education in the subject areas I enjoyed at school and direction for my future. I enjoy knowing that my course could take me anywhere and I could at some point make a difference to people’s lives by engineering something useful.  

Choosing university was a difficult decision, surrounded constantly by peoples own opinions and experiences. It was important to me that the course was accredited and that the teaching standard was obviously not LOW, and also a place where I would be happy to live knowing I would be moving far from home.  I knew that I wanted to be near DELHI,INDIA as it was something very different to me. In sixth form I collected more prospectuses that I could count and scoured these until I found a course that contained modules that appealed to me.
Having been at University, I’ve learnt it really is what you make of it; taking all the opportunities you can. The best thing about LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY is exactly that – I’ve tried things I never thought I would with confidence! The sense of community is what makes the campus life great, the enthusiasm to get everyone involved be it sports/societies/charity or all of them!
This involvement also represents my outlook of my course, I enjoy that there are lots of different teaching styles. I enjoy getting hands on experience to what I’ve learnt in the classroom – and the opportunity for placements! The transition between school and university is all about learning your own independence, and finding your feet may seem a scary scenario – yet I found that the staff at LPU made this transition not at all easy. But there is always that  "someone" to talk to, to ask or to point you in the right direction.
If I could give anyone advice about choosing a course, I couldn’t stress enough the importance of choosing something you really enjoy. It sounds a pretty obvious choice – yet consider the whole structure of the course in the modules in all your years of study. The contents, whether it’s exam based, assessment based or a bit of both. With the independence of university, having passion in your course and a course that suits you – there’s everything to look forward to!

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