Ankur Banerjee

Ankur Banerjee

Thursday, August 28, 2014

November 2011

       November 10 2011..  the day I met her….

I was in the Library. Sitting and waiting for the girl i thought i loved to come and understand "induction motor" from me. It was her end term examinations and CA's that made her take a decision to understand induction motor from an nincompoop fool like me :P.
There she came with her friend whom i don't even recognize and buried my head into the book searching material for her topics. A feminine voice from the girl i didn't know appeared ‘ Hi Ankur’ filled my ears. It was she.  Her name is NINJA.(Ninja Aggarwal to be precise). She was in the same class with Alka (the over thought gal). She was mid height ed, avg, built, clumpsy and had nose like that of a "samosa" . I did'nt speak to her as I was too shy to interact at a moment like that. After that day whenever we saw each other there used to be casual smile exchange. 
It was January 2012 somewhere in the mid of the month, i opened my Facebook, and there was a "friend req." from Ninja. and a message saying "at last i found you."
her kiddo talks though flattered me never made think seriously for her.
we started chatting, firstly formally, about what she likes and dislikes, and to topics about politics (politics seriously...)
All of a sudden ‘9087******’ here is my mobile number. Give me yours,’ she said.
It was unexpected act from her. Left with no choice I gave mine. She said she would message me on my phone. Another unexpected thing. I gave a lame excuse that I can’t reply to you as I don't have a bonus tariff, message costs me double. Such a dumb ass I was. She logged off. I was back to my work.
‘all the best’, I messaged her on Facebook. Seconds later, ‘ Wish you the same’, she replied.
Our conversation began formally from family backgrounds to friends. Her father and Brother were busy in other works usually and she enjoyed her mom's company. In no time it became quite relaxed talk.
‘ Am joining dance classes i think and want to learn western’ she said.
          ‘Great’, I replied trying to concentrate on my (really bakwas) movie that I was watching then and chat simultaneously.
          ‘The chat is slow, Here is my gmail id. Add me and we can chat there’, she said.
I was surprised again. Girls are too fast. I added her.
          Japan earth quake and our exam date came on same day. I kept myself busy studying for my exams. It’s my last chance to clear my left over subjects by minimum TGPA.
‘So how is your preparation going on’, she asked as soon as I logged into gmail.
‘Not bad’ said i. To take a break from studies, I changed the topic to personal interests and hobbies.
          ‘Today is my birthday’, I said. “Really..? why dint you say in the morning. Is this the time to say”, she shouted on me as if I have done some mistake.
“OK , happy birthday, and you owe me choc’,she wished at last. We touched various things like latest movies, friends, college days. 99% of our interests and thoughts matched perfectly.
‘OK then I have to complete my work”, she said and she logged out to join her roommates B'day party.

My exams started and I concentrated on exams. And I completed them successfully. I logged into my mail. I saw unread chats. Those were from Ninja. She wished me for my exams. So nice of her.
‘Hi, how r u, completed ur exams, how did u write ur exams’, she fired all this questions as soon I logged into chat. Since then we became too close. This was the first time I am talking I hadn’t seen yet.
From various issues we got struck at love & marriage topic.
‘I dont believe in love marriages anymore, i think arrange will be better for me’ she said. But I don’t want to get married and that to with unknown person so called arrange marriages -NO NEVER" said I.
          She agreed with my point. In my view arrange marriages are worthless. You have 10 minutes of formal chat. Another 10 minutes to decide on dowry. In just 20 minutes, u get sold out yourself to others.
‘        So do you love someone’, I asked out of anxiety. “Noo, I dint but got some proposals from some boys. I rejected them all. And to be precise, my father approve for love marriage though My parents are pretty conservative.”
‘I think you love a girl and she……’ she asked hesitatingly. I was taken back by her question ‘ Yes I did. But I dont think it will be better off the same way for her as i feel,’ I gave her enough information in a single sentence.
For the next half an hour I described her everything. Till now no one knew about it even my best friends. She was the first and the last.
‘ Such a Bitch! How can she do that being a girl. I'm sure you'll get the best girl in future,’ she said emotionally. I was taken back by the ‘B’ word. Chalo, someone has been moved by my story.
Since then we came much closer. We shared our secrets too. We discussed, debated on several personal issues. But at the end of the day, we would compromise with each other's views.
          For the next 5 days I was busy with hectic work. There was no time to come online. But I was missing her. I was desperate to talk with her. And on 6th day, I came online.
‘Hi sir, r u der?
‘ U der’?
‘I think ur busy these days. Ok carry on’
‘ Dude…..??? L L
Her offline messages filled my inbox. I was happy as there is someone who remember me.
‘Am ready to fall in love. Searching for true love’, with 3 love symbols and 4 smiles.. was her first line as I pinged her. ( even god can’t understand girls)
‘What made u to decide this?
‘It’s you. After I heard ur story, I want to feel love. So decided to find a guy’.
‘So r u sure?  You said ur father does agree for a love marriage? I asked to make conformation. ‘Yes, but I will love the guy who matches me. So that there wont be any problem. And  the hunt starts nowwwww….and here is my small list of qualities…
‘He should love me a lot.
‘He should be ready to do anything for m.
‘He should treat me like princess’.
‘He should blah blah blah…
‘I want a person with all this qualities. She said.
There were about 37 qualities she mentioned. She needs a customized boy.
I laughed at her innocence. Her innocence has left its mark in my mind.
          All alone in my room, I was smiling recollecting her list of qualities. Girls look dumb but they have their plans and back up plans for their life. Intelligent homo sapiens.
          ‘How am I looking? Did u like my pic?’ It was her birthday. I wished her on her phone. She posted her pic on facebook. And as usual there was a rain of likes and comments in her profile. Most of them were from boys. Some boys took birth only to click Like on all the girls pics in their profile and some are born to comment “U LOOK GRT.. PLZZZ ADD ME AS UR FRND, ACCEPT MY FRND REQUEST”. I really appreciate hard work of such boys. They give equal importance to every girl.
          I took a look at her pic. She draped a blue color top. With matching KADA and nail polish. Her hairs wide open and eyes swollen as mushrooms. Three other teddies of various sizes were in background.
          ‘hello, r u der? How do I look?’ she was eagerly waiting for my compliments.
          “U look like a brand ambassador for Pantene shampoo products in open hairs,”
          “ L “
          “ J I was kidding and u look stylo in tops” I said to bring a smile on her face. And the matter of fact is, we boys go crazy when we see a girl withn open hairs.
          “Hey look at this….
“A shocking study by the Centre for Global Health Research has revealed that nearly 12 million girl children have been aborted in the last three decades in India. What is worse is over half of them, that is, six million were killed in just the last decade, clearly showing that selective abortions are on the rise in 21st century India.”
“See how shameless we Indians are” she stood aghast so did i. I read the whole article. The whole page was filled with harassments faced by women in rural areas.
“See this is our position in India. Where we get killed in womb because am a girl”. her words were filled with frustration and helplessness.
“ok bye. I want to be alone” and she signed off.
I laid on my bed i.e the boxing ring and the match started between brain & heart.  A girl was raped by 4 members for 15 days and the village panchayat has just asked the convicts to pay a fine of 15,000. So the cost of a girl’s life is 15,000. My head was aching. I was on my bed but I killed those convicts for 5 times in my mind .Another report said the ratio of men-women in India is 1000:923. Now I came to know why boys compete to click like on girls pic & comments. They have a reason. My blood was rushing down my body.
          I dozed off.

‘hi .. how are you.’ I pinged her.
‘I sprained my ankle. Working in room.’
‘ When & how. Have u consulted the doctor or not? I asked with utmost concern.
‘Chill. It’s only a small sprain. And u know what my bandage is very colorful and i made a tattoo on my hand also. Wait I will send u the pic of my leg and my hand.’  Sent.
I opened the attachment. Her leg was totally wrapped by blue color bandage. This time she changed her nail polish to blue to match her bandage color and her hands posed in different mudras to match with her self made tattoo.
            ‘Need to take rest for another 2 weeks’ she said in low tone.
‘I have deactivated my Fb account,’ I said to change the topic. And as expected the pour of questions started.
            ‘Why, what for. Any serious issue. What will u do without facebook,’ she asked as if I decided to quit breathing.
            ‘Nothing, I just want to see whether I can withstand without fb or not,’ I said. I have seen people and my friends addicted to facebook. It was like drug to a drug addict.
For the next few hours, she gave introduction about her classmates and how they spent their break time. About her recent events in her class. Etc., etc.,
            ‘Ok dear, I have to sleep now. It’s too late u too sleep. Its 4am.’
I looked at my monitor time. It was 4.05am. We spoke all the night and I dint even know when the time passed. We wished good night to each other and left the chat.

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