Ankur Banerjee

Ankur Banerjee

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First day…..

                   My alarm beeped again after I snoozed it for 3rd time. 8:30 am “oh god”! am late again. I sprang out my bed.  Took bath, selected a random pair of dress from my closet. It was 9 am already. I came out of my room and and went for the breakfast in the mess. My dad reclined on the chair beside me and was reading some morning news paper.  He gave a look of ‘Late again’.  His frowned forehead spoke those words. His looks where interrupted by mom’s words ‘ Eat some more what’s the rush’?
Yes mom’s are like this. The shower of her love doesn't stop no matter in what situation I’m in. My Mom is my savior at my home and its now here in the mess and again she is savior. She always backs me in all right and wrong things I do(but sometimes she is even strict than dad).
                   I quickly gulped the food.  Bid bye to my mom and started for my mechanical block (it was 34 then, these days its 55 block). My block was about 1 km away from my BH2 hostel. And to my restlessness, the Sun was leisurely booming its heat making me more tired and late.  I too was submerged in the song ‘jil jil jiga’ of ‘Happy days’ enjoying its beats. This song explains what exactly is students life in college. I loved that movie.
                 At last I was in my block. Wait, where the hell is my class now? It was 10.05 am already. I looked around to ask someone. Luckily office boy was present busy collecting the attendance sheets by the lecturers.
      “Can I know where is section M3204 mechanical class ” make it quick am new joiner, I said trying to breath.
       “First  class from first right from the entrance”, said office boy. I thanked him.

As I was nearing to the class, I heard a female voice trying to explain something in her top voice. The nearer I went the louder the voice was heard. 


write it down, the feminine voice ordered the class.

Her Dou x / dou y chants were interrupted by my knock. The whole class looks turned towards me. 

          “Yes”, she said to know what was my intention to interrupt her. “I’m new joiner ma’am” I said. “yeah come in and be seated”, she said. And even before I took my seat, she started her dou x/ dou y chants. I was looking for a seat in last benches but only the front row was empty. ( no matter what time you enter the class, you always find first row empty for you. )

           Left with no option I took my seat. Took out my new Classmate book and tried to write down the notes. Not this sh*t again. Differential equations chapter.. Same sh*t in intermediate. History repeats. I hate maths. To save myself from this disgusting math class I craned my neck to see my classmates. There were about 40-45 boys and NO GIRLs....OMG "NO girls". I took a look towards the mam instead. After seeing her, my disgusting Differential equations were looking more beautiful than them.

“ We will continue the left out problems tomorrow” our ma’am said. I was relieved. “And we gonna end this unit tomorrow itself” I was happy to hear the word ‘end’ in her sentence. The smile dint last longer as she continued ‘ and we gonna start new unit called ‘differential equations of 2nd and higher order’.

Oh God!! Not again.

After the lecturer left the class, I scanned the whole class in order to see are there any familiar faces. Yes, there was a guy whom I know CHAO. He was healthy ( I preferred word healthy coz he will kill me if I call him fat ). About him, Chao was an assamese boy with fair complexion with avg height and most important thing is he always wore a chinese look on his face. Education was his nightmare. His father paid 7 lakhs for his seat making his nightmare come true. I went to him and greeted eachother. He took enough time to recognize me. And next to him was Akshat, studious guy. He always kept his eyes glued on board. Beside to Akshat, another studious guy by name Piyush was present. They were not of my type. I gave warm handshake to both and was talking to Chao. And we heard some loud laughs from the last bench of the 2nd row. Another familiar face, vikas tomar, my friend’s friend. I went near him and before I tried to introduce myself, he recognized me. And about Vikas, he was a gadget geek. And a type of a guy who always say ‘I dint prepare for the exam,’ but attempts every question and scores good marks. Yes, we all have such a person in our gang who always lie.

The laughs were getting more louder, beside to Vikas there was guy who was making fun of his neighbor by imitating in his accent. Yes he is my type of person. Vikas took the initiative to introduce me to him. His name was Nagendra. About him, his parents stay in his village some where in UP. He came all the way to Punjab and stayed in a rent room in Kapurthala. Next to Chao, education was a nightmare to Nagendra. But a very good dancer. He was hungry all the time. Or We can say 24/7.  

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