Ankur Banerjee

Ankur Banerjee

Friday, August 8, 2014

How to Identify an Mechanical Engineering Student.....

Here I give you some more tips to identify a Mechanical engineering student..
We never talk about syllabus nor studies.
We say ‘ out of 8 units, I have read only 3. What about u?? 30 minutes before the exam.
We say “ One more Backlog Yaar,” without any sad expression.
We say “ I myself did the experiment and wrote down the readings,” but fail to do the same in front of the lecturer.
We say “ We don’t have educated faculty,’ when we are asked the reason why we failed.
On a combined study night with friends, at 12 am, one of them says “ enough yaar lets sleep,” and others follow his orders.
We start our day with “ @#$%*&@#,” but doesn’t seem to know a single bad word when talking to girls.
We never fail to shout “OOOOOOOO,” when our friend’s crush enter our class.
Our bike carry minimum of 3 friends where ever we go.
We destroy minimum of one machine in our labs.
The only thing we are concerned during final practice exam is “ Has External arrived”.
We say “ This question wont come this year” looking at previous year question paper. And declare our self Fail if it appear.
We are the one who ask “ Have you passed” and gets relieved when we hear a     “NO” from our friend.
We are the one who worries about the dates in our records rather than the content in the record.
Mid-term exams are just another name for leaving college early.
We are the people who photostat the missed notes in 1st year. And take a micro Xerox of All in one in 2nd year for malpractice.
We judge our exam by number of pages filled in exam booklet.
Once in a while, we think why we took engineering.
We come to know project last submission date just one day before last day of submission.
We are the people who carry things look like ‘Machine Gun’ & ‘Bazooka’ (drafter & chart holder) in initial days of 1st year. And beg for H1 pencil, drawing sheet in final year.
We are the one who spend 3 hours of drawing lab to draw margin lines.
We are the one who wants ourselves thrown out of the class so that we can enjoy in canteen.
We are the one who compete with acting skills of Ranbir & Priyanka chopra of Barfi during answering VIVA questions. ( You can plan Barfi 2,3,4 by capturing our expressions during VIVA session.)
We are the one who always think “This time I will work hard and pass in all subjects”.
And lastly, we are the one who say “ My only Aim is to get a degree in any way”.

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