Ankur Banerjee

Ankur Banerjee

Saturday, September 6, 2014

END of the enjoyment( i.e end of ENGINEERING LIFE)

4th Year…

                The year of placements. The phase which decides your fate. You will calculate your percentage now and then. Above 60 bindass, below 60 bakwaas.  Our faculty has about 400 marks for final semester in their hands. The dream day of every engineering faculty. In this stage, casuals turn into formals, You wish good morning, good afternoon, good evening and what not when ever a lecturer passes through, You will ask stupid doubts during class in short you leave no stone unturned to impress lecturers.
The entire semester completes with the same struggle and the actual study is a day before the finals. Thus from my point of view, a B.Tech Degree is not a matter of 48 months(4 years) but a matter 65 nights(65 subjects in total degree , hence 65 nights before each exam.) A lesson it has taught is that life is not that easy always. Time is one of the best teachers.

       10 commandments of engineering students:-
Study all the chapters one night before the exam.
Never write your assignment yourself.
Start writing the records only on the morning of submission day.
Treat all marks above 40 as Bonus.
Maintain atleast 70% attendance in canteen.
Should pass gracefully.
Should get attendance without being present ( Proxy is mandatory )
If u can’t convince the lecturer in viva, Confuse them.
Should be Outstanding student (spending most of the time outside the classroom)
 Start every sentence with 4 letter word. (F**k, I forgot, f**k, I dint prepare for it etc., )

Situations you go through..

Bad time : Your  non-engineering GF/BF is free to enjoy while u slog with submissions & exams.
Irony: The guy who copied your entire paper passes and you flunk.
Critical Calculation: Summing up the marks you'll get for the attempted questions in the exam...
Recounting & revaluation: A cruel joke. (asking to recount or revaluate the Supplementary exam marks)

Submission” time.. numerous questions occupy your brain…
   “ what is the font & format?”
   “ The diagrams should be in color or black & white?”
  “ What is this hand writing dude, are the values correct?”
  “ Are the dates correct?”
  “ Are the index contents correct?”

Next comes viva session…

Funny moments on Comprehensive Viva day..

Your mind says..“ I still din’t submit my record, forget about viva..!!”
Praying external examiner shouldn’t go through the content as you fluked some paragraphs.
Making the face of trying hard to remember the answer.
Frustrated moment When asked to prepare and come back for second time.
That face when not even a single letter of your answer don’t match the correct answer.
Confused moment when you don’t know which subject the question belongs to.

Classic moments…

Taking crucial decisions by toss. Ex:- Heads we go home, tails we go now. Heads theN you pay, tails we share.
Asking yourself  “how to start this experiment” ( when you are asked to complete an experiment on your own )
“Exam.., what exam ?? !! ( Screwed up face )
When your neighbor girl draw a diagram in her answer sheet and you have no idea which question it is.
 Panic mode : When some one says“ LPU will be releasing the results today evening “
Major relief:  When anyone announce “When class test have been postponed.”
Speed : Getting Ready In 5 Minutes.
 Sharing : Whole Class Copying One Assignment.
Presentation skills : Can Present One Answer In 5 Different Ways For 5 Different  Questions.
Editing : Your Report Contains At least 5 Pages Less Than The Person From Whom You Copied.
 Multi tasking: Playing Games On Cell, Sms To Gf/Bf, Gossiping With bench Mate, Day Dreaming, Making Teacher's Sketch And Still Pretending That You Are Listening What Teacher Is Saying.
Art : Beautiful Art On The Last Page Of Note Book.
 Sense of humor  : Provide Best Unintentional Humor To Teachers During Viva.

Exam time…

What I learnt... LPU won’t ask & what I left will be asked for sure.
The awkward  moment when you get struck in mid of the answer and you don’t remember the rest answer.
When you prepare for the question which appeared in last 2 years thinking it would come again. But it won’t.
When you leave a question which was asked last year thinking it won’t be asked this year. It will appear in 15 marks section.
When 5 mark question asked as 15 marks question.

Engineers Anthem after every Semester exam..

 Hum Honge All Clear,Honge All Clear, Honge All Clear Ek Din,
      OH-HO, Mann me hai vishwas, pura hai vishwas, hum hoge all clear ek din…

The Years of Engineering
           First year: Fond of Engineering
           Second year: Sick Of Engineering
           Third year: Tired of Engineering
           Fourth year: Finished by Engineering

Finally the last day in college….
Graduation day is filled with multi-emotions, you feel elated yet dejected. Happy yet sad, as this will be among the last days we will share with our friends and professors. The feeling will seep in later as the day concludes and you’ll wish it never ends. But all’s well that ends well.

As we’ll walk out from here, the college walls bear the story of the most precious years of our life. Our hearts filled with the best memories we could ever make.
The times we laughed, we cried, we screamed with joy.

College teach us a lot of things...

It has taught me to lose and also enjoy winning.
Taught me to have faith in my own ideas, and to believe in one’s self.
Taught me to be gentle with gentle people and tough enough to fight the world.
It made me learn enough to step into the real world.

Final moments…

A beautiful day comes to an end with hugs once again and promises to keep in touch. Wishes for a good life and luck flies in every corner while tear eyed students part filled with happy memories.

"am really gonna miss this place.......
am gonna miss my college days"

Lovely Professional University- The place I hated the most once, is now the sweetest memory I want to cherish my whole LIFE.
                                                                                                                            -Ankur Banerjee

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