Ankur Banerjee

Ankur Banerjee

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Its called "OUR STORY":

IF thoughts had voices, YOU could have heard this every
every time I met YOU...

Am I the only one blogging sitting upon a hospital bed. Yes, I think so. This hospital has become a home away from home for me now. Litres of saline has run through  my nerves. And about injections & medicines.. forget about them they made my body a mobile pharmacy store. The bandage wrapped around my head remembers a retro hero of bollywood who lost his memory in an accident. The doctors and nurses are friendly and took the best care of me. (care=bills they make ). About the hospital, the rooms are quite spacious. And about the people, most of them have a fake smile on their sobbed faces. They look pale due to lack of sleep & emotionally traumatized.  In regular time periods, they start walking, bending, stretching, and standing to kill some time & come out of emotional stress. The waiting hall is on the ground floor  always filled with visitors and relatives of patients 24/7. Each visitor comes with minimum of 2 fruit varieties. (Apples are must ).  Some high profiles people come with bouquet of flowers with a “get well soon” tag.

“ What do you keep on typing ? You don’t sleep at night, you don’t rest in day time. Look, you have to rest to recover soon” said Nandene. Nandene, my room nurse.  She might be in mid 20’s. She always wears a sweet smile on her face even when she pierce a needle into my skin.
“ I don’t get sleep so am posting some of my college incidents in my blog.” She took away my lappy and gave my night dosage. After that she left the room for her routine work. I kept my self busy. After a while she came back asking for my mother. I said she left and would be coming tomorrow morning.
It was night shift for her. She dint had much work to do. So we started casual talks. I said about my blog. She took my lappy and read some of my post. She liked it saying she too misses her college days.
“ Why did you try to kill yourself “ she asked still her eyes glued to screen. You have such a beautiful life.
“ I dint attempt any suicide, It was just an accident. ” I said even before she completes her sentence.
“ Oh ok. Accident is what when you collide with another vehicle or vice versa. But you rammed your bike into divider that too on an empty road.”
“ You wrote you stay away from girls. You were betrayed by a girl but you came out strongly. Then what happened?”
Her series of questions dint give me much time to think of alternate answers. I tried to change the topic but she was adamant.
“Have you loved anyone” I asked her.
“ No I dint. I don’t have time for it “ she replied.
“ Ok then you wont understand “ I said to avoid further discussion.
Women doesn’t like to listen the word “NO”. She kept on insisting.
“ I really don’t know why she did it.”
My eyes turned moist. I just  told her open folder with name “my life in my words”.
I have a habit of writing everything on my lappy. You can call it personal diary too.
“ It answers all your question” I said.
She opened it and started reading as if she was about to give an medical entrance. While I laid back surfing my memories. My mind has fasten its belt for a memory ride. Each moment was flashing in my mind.
The day I met her..
The day we became close..
The day I proposed. I loved her without even seeing her…
The day she accepted.
The day we went on date.
The day when she made her promises.
The day she failed to keep her promises.
The day she left.
(P.S: These were the file names preferably for the folder i told Nandene to open and read)
My pillow got wet with tears somewhat and some where there were tranquills of my smile. Thank god, tears are colorless. I slept off. When I woke up, mom was back. I searched for lappy, it was beside my bed.  Day passed quickly. Nandene came in the evening. She gave me half smile. She got into her work and came back to my room after finishing them.  We had some casual talks. She Have had mixed emotions for  my story. She asked me to share my story in my blog and left. now here i am sharing my story, for my girl to read it, somday... and smile...
smile untill. she feels the urge to come to me and say
"BUBU.... uh knw whats the best thing that ever happend to me?
Its -US-"

-Anything for LOVE

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