Ankur Banerjee

Ankur Banerjee

Monday, September 8, 2014

She and I- Enjoying that feeling called "US"

 My sleep got disturbed and I opened my eyes. My cousin was trying to unscrew something. I wiped my eyes to have clear vision.
“Oh sorry to wake you up. I need your hard disc to backup my data from my office pc. “ he said wiping his sweat from his forehead.
“ oh ok ok no issues take it” I said and went back to sleep. Oh noo wait if my cousin takes my hard disc how can I operate my system. How'll I talk to her. I sprang out my bed. Even before I reached the door, my cousin's car horned the turn ahead.Only one thought was beaming around in my head.
Took bath and came out of my room. Dad had left for his office and mom was busy with kitchen works. i surfed the t.v channels. All the news channels were busy with their “ Breaking News” scrolling. The rest channels were filled with Saas- Bahu soaps. ( one thing about these daily serials, what ever be the time, irrespective of day and night, all the casting will be in party wear with huge makeup even when they wakeup from sleep. Women watch these soaps only for the costumes the actress wear.)
Mom served me the breakfast.  Every mom is the best cook in the world. The food was delicious.
I was back surfing channels. And damn time was not passing. Mom finished her work, came and sat beside me. She read my mood and was asking the reason behind it. Later to change the topic, we talked about various things but any discussion with parents comes to studies or career. She was asking my future plans. I said that I would be appearing for Gate exam and will start the preparation in few days.
In order to kill time, I started my preparation. I dusted my all in one. The book was almost new.  For some time my brain was occupied with the formula of finite element method. Each formula acted as a sleeping pill. Soon I slept making my all in one as my pillow. My mobile beeps woke me up. It was she.
“ hi where are u?”
“ why r u not online? Are u busy or outside?

I told her that cousin took my drive so cant access computer. (I exceeded my monthly limit of net in phone so I had no choice than messaging her.)
“ oh that’s too bad. Wait I have a way. Lets chat on phone” she said.
I too was about to ask the same but I was unable to ask.
This idea of her made my days more beautiful. Our phones never rested. Right from morning to mid nights we continuously spoke. All the chats helped us to know more things about each other in depth. And opinions matched 99% on any issue.
The TRAI has put a check to our happiness.
“ Only 100 SMS per day to any network. Rule comes under act from mid-night”
Indian Govt. never want to see us happy. This news created waves in youth. They used social networking sites to wage war on this issue and they won. Now the SMS limit was extended to 200 per day. Rest of the nation might have left happy but not me. Immediately I called my brother to take back my drive. He gave a negative news in a cool way saying that the drive was with his friend and I won’t get it for a week.
          200 sms were not enough for us per day. Infact in 2 hours, we crossed the daily limit. As mine was  over recharged  I dint had a problem. But she switched from mobile to,  etc., etc., msg sites in order to chat with me.  And at the end of the day, one call was mandatory and it would last for a minimum of one hour. I thanked my brother for taking my drive……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
On the 9th day evening, I got my drive back. I installed it and logged into gmail and facebook. She was happy coz now there is no need for her to switch to different msg sites.
“Hi, welcome back to gmail. Now I can relax” she said.
“ hey, will be texting after dinner” and she left. I was busy scanning my drive. I lost no content. It was fine. She came back from her meeting with a bad news.
“ I just got a call from my Saurish. He says results are out.Fingers crossed”
I was silent was a minute. I was not knowing how to react.
“oh ohh.... best of luck” said I and felt the chat saying I have some work. My mood got disturbed. She too was busy in numerous methods to open UMS and log into her account t see the marks. In between she messaged me as she was tensed about the marks.I was half-heartedly encouraging her.
After 1.30am I got the message from her.
“ Didn’t clear the php paper.. I got a Reappear.”
“ Oh no! happens. Don’t take it to heart. Better luck next time.. you didn't give the exam, study well for your re's” Said I.
“ Hmm. Yeah. A bit sad. Going for a break. Will chat later”
 I pretended to feel sorry for her. But inside I was happy. Some times we need to be selfish. She came back but still she was gloomy.
“ You still look sad. That was not the last job on planet. Chill.” I poked her.
“its not about the marks. One guy is continuously texting and calling me . He says he loves me and wants to marry me”
What the F*UK!!!!!!!!
“ Who is that guy” I asked. My blood was gushing.
“ .Hai koi TUM ni jante ushe" is all i heard from her, but I being I and so much jealous of that whosoever guy.... kept on introgating until she threw his name out of her lips.- Anukalp..He was my childhood friend Gurgaon but now stays and studies in Bangalore. Now he says that he wants to get commited to me. And he is about to propose me. I don’t like him at all. He knows about my breakup. I really don't know  what to do” she said in helpless tone.

I was in a state mixed of anger and jealous. Unknowingly I was being possessive about her.
“ then say the same thing that u don’t like him.” I said suppressing my anger.
“ I said it but insisting me continuously in mails and facebook. He has become a big headache to me now a days”
Now she was loosing her coolness. So I changed the topic to Shopping.
Now every girl has this unspeakable feeling towards shopping which ca derive them from any tension of the world, and she was no exception.
so we started discussing about new trends and she spoke suddenly with a heart full of amusement "apko pata, mumma and I went for shoppin aaj and I bought 7 tops, 2 jeans, 1 plazzo and 4 pairs of footwear's etc. etc.. mai apko pics Fb me send krungi dekhna" .
I was shocked after listening to her long shopping list. How can somebody spent so much on such a silly thing called shopping.

We spoke the whole night till she was sleepy. Even though am jobless I do night shifts. We continued our sms conversation all the day. When she is busy we sms’ed each other, and when nobody was around  we switched to calling eachother, or gtalk and facebook chatting was an all time boon for US.



  1. Nice one.
    your way f expressing by writing is quiet impressive.
    looking forward to read more from you.

  2. Hiii Ankur.
    Nice blog and content too...
    your articles on the way your love life is very interesting, waiting for for next post...