Ankur Banerjee

Ankur Banerjee

Friday, October 31, 2014

2nd year..." m sorry STUDIES" and ohh yes - "ol hail the ENJOYMENT"

After a long vacation of two months  our university reopend and I was in the 2nd year with a pile of backlogs crowning my head. 

There was a drastic change in everybody around me. Every one was worried about their looks, and the reason being fresh admission of the JUNIORS.  Some were looking to approach them with a smile first and some were eagerly waiting to propose them in the first meet instead. And one of them was Mr. Chao. He was in love. His Dream Lady was our junior. I somehow never understood why I always got reminded of kangaroos when she walked. I still wonder why.
         ‘ In mechanics of motion, we have grasshopper, robert & straight line motion,’ our Kinematics sir was busy explaining the unit to the first 3 benches. Some were busy texting to their girl friends...wooops some boys had boy friends too. They were so experts that they don’t even bother to look at the keypad while typing. Had itbeen that LPU introduced a new way of answering the exams by texting, then they would have all finish the semester end ETE exams in just an hour with the highly perfected texting speed of theirs.

  We occupied our last bench and were laughing our asses off. The reason was Chao. He proposed his "so called" Dream Lady and the junior girl disposed. We laughed even harder when Chao made faces. That kangaroo had kicked my friend on his heart. His face showd the sign of rejection. Poor fellow. He tried his best to hide this matter but in college you cant hide anything. 

            I always tried to find an answer why girls answer ‘NO’ (Spontaneously) when a guy approaches her. Why don’t they think for a minute. Does ‘I love you’ sound like ‘ Can I have your both kidneys’ for girls or the answer ‘NO’ is their birthright ? Some boys in my class dared to propose my class girls. Some boys were lucky, they got the answer ‘no’. And some unlucky boys got answer ‘yes’. May their soul rest in peace.

   This reminded me of my love. I got betrayed by my  first girlfriend. Since then I kept myself away from girls. hmm… past is past. Time has passed now. We finished our mid exams, our lab internals. And our main exams schedule and all in one released at same time.
          By the end of 2nd year I have learned,
i)                   I learnt to say three very imp words for life:-
* Yes sir.
* Ok sir.
* I'll Just Do That sir.
ii)                Voice modulation during attendance time.
iii)              I learnt to:-
* Face Mondays.
* Fight For 5 Days.
* Wait For the Weekend.
iv)              I Never Believed In Luck But Engineering made me to believe when i saw my marks.

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