Ankur Banerjee

Ankur Banerjee

Friday, November 28, 2014

"MAN" on Poetry...

Men- A second kind of species in Human race created by the AL-mighty, and often forgotten of, because everyone is either busy pleasing a girl or discussing their problems and yea obviously those discussions and problems are of girls and women.
Let me ask of a very normal question
Have you ever heard of a song- a love song dedicated to a MAN?
or let us take it this way, Do anyone remember any song dedicated to Men? because yea there are songs on boys but neither people really knows about them nor they want to know.

Here you get an answer where does this species rest in mankind, they do have feelings, a heart to love, eyes to cry and hands that work really hard to make a world an easy place to stay in for the girl he cares about, or child he is father to.

They Love, Care, and is Honest to the one he loves .
"Falling in love feels like an accidental occurrence to many people, but in spiritual terms it is not -- it is the entrance point to love's eternal journey." 

Ultimately what men and women want is the same -- they want to feel connected, they want to feel attraction, and to experience passion. A man is looking for a woman with a smile. Men bond with women when men feel successful in making them happy. A woman needs to focus less on making her man happy -- and focus more on how he makes her happy.

And one example of such LOVE, from someone who loves, cares and is honest to his WIFE and CHILDREN is what we need to read and learn from.
He is 50+ years old but is still romantic enough to write and speak in ways we can rather think of. He in his way spoke about his love to his love, who was somewhat angry on him, and managed to get her back before the feelings hurt her, and bring a soft smile on her face.

This is about Mr. Aggarwal, kudos to his Love towards mrs Aggarwal, and his ways of expressing it in front of her and this is what he wrote in his anniversary this year when mrs. Aggarwal got angry on him and reading it left her on tears and feeling loved as always.

Here it Goes...

Dukh se, Dukh se nahi thi Yaari,
Kyonki jimmedari thi hamari.

Jab tak nibhate rahe jimmedari,
Tab tak naastik the hum vichari.
Aaj jab Dukh ne ki hai dosti yaari,
To hum bhi ban gae Aastik vichari.

Aaj jimmedari nahi thi humari,
To dukh ne dosti ki humari.

Jimmedari me sukh tha jeewan yapan,

Lekin aaj dukh ne china apnapan.

Bari ajeeb leela hai tumhari,
kabhi khushi, kabhi gamm ki di hai bimari.

Kabhi naa khush the wo humse,
Aur kabhi naa khush the hum unse,
Kyonki vicharo me bhinnata thi humari.
Aaj 22 saal ho gae shadi ko humari,
Lekin samajh na sake ek duje ki vichari.

Hume pyaar jatana nahi aata,
tabhi to unhe muskurana nahi aata.
Muskurate hai hum to veefarte hai wo,
kyonki pyaar unhe paana nahi ata.

Shak me wo ulajhte rahe,
Tabhi to wo veefarte rahe.
Na jane kyon Hum ,
                     Fir bhi unhi pe marte rahe.

Jeevan kabhi chandni raat hogi,
yahi soch kr jeevan jite rahe.
Tabhi to hum ise,
                   Shaadi ka samjhota samajhte rahe.

Khaai thi kasme jine marne ke,
Tabhi to hum marte marte jeete rahe.

Guruji ko jab sunaya humne,
To muskurae Guruji bole humse-
Ye kya aachari, vichari,
Jimmedari laga rakha hai?

Khade raho yahi,
             Saja hai Tumhari...

we all deserve the love that we give, and desire it to come back to us.
where we say- " All of me Loves all of you. Give your all to me, I'll give my all to you
You're my end and my beginning, Even when I lose I'm winning
Cause I give you all of me, And you give me all of you."

Love isn't that easy to find, nor is it easy to stay in Love.
So take care when you fall in love, and when you are in Love.

Because, there's no feeling like Love, nor there will be.
Have Faith, Have trust, win over love,stay in Love, make Love and grow Love as you grow old. So, when you are 80 and you have you partner sitting with you with her head on your shoulders and her hands in yours, You can smile at her and say- "Baby you are old now, but you now what? 
I lost my strength now, but I can still try and hug you that tight as I used to do, and kiss you the way I always did, and the only change in that will be that I'll be teeth-less... I wont be biting you any more."


Now thats LOve. hehhe!!

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