Ankur Banerjee

Ankur Banerjee

Thursday, September 11, 2014

HEAVY FLOODS: Water level decreasing in Jammu but situation in Kashmir worsens:

Jammu and Kashmir is battling with massive floods that have claimed the lives of over 110 people so far. Assessing the current situation, Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said that the water level in Jammu is decreasing. However, he also maintained that the situation in Kashmir has worsened adding that "even the first floor is under water in some places."
"Medical teams have been deployed in the field. Four Principal Secretary level officers will be deployed for assessing the damage," Omar assured. Civil Secretariat and Lal Chowk areas are also under water in Srinagar.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Jammu to take stock of the situation in the flood hit areas. He is expected to undertake an aerial survey, and go to Kashmir later in the day to assess the damage.
The decision to visit the state came following a review meeting which Modi called after being briefed on Saturday by Home Minister Rajnath Singh who returned to Delhi after surveying the flood-affected region. "Mr Abdullah himself drove the car and showed me Srinagar's conditions. I want to assure people and the CM that the Centre is with the state in this crisis," Rajnath had said on Saturday after he reviewed the situation in the state.
A red alert has been sounded in parts of Srinagar after the Jhelum river breached the embankment in the district. Traffic on the Jammu-Pathankot highway has been stopped and trains have been suspended after incessant rains. There were landslides at many places along the track in Udhampur in Jammu.
Braving the inclement weather, the Army and Air Force have successfully evacuated over 9,000 people so far from the flood affected regions. "I am thankful to the services rendered by Army, Air force, police and administration. They have done a commendable work," Chief Minister Omar Abdullah said.
The forces still have a daunting task ahead of them. Nearly 25,000 villages are partially under water while more than 450 villages have been totally submerged. The Air force teams are hoping that skies will clear out so that they are can fly sorties while the ground troops make a push for rescue, relief and rehabilitation.


Monday, September 8, 2014

She and I- Enjoying that feeling called "US"

 My sleep got disturbed and I opened my eyes. My cousin was trying to unscrew something. I wiped my eyes to have clear vision.
“Oh sorry to wake you up. I need your hard disc to backup my data from my office pc. “ he said wiping his sweat from his forehead.
“ oh ok ok no issues take it” I said and went back to sleep. Oh noo wait if my cousin takes my hard disc how can I operate my system. How'll I talk to her. I sprang out my bed. Even before I reached the door, my cousin's car horned the turn ahead.Only one thought was beaming around in my head.
Took bath and came out of my room. Dad had left for his office and mom was busy with kitchen works. i surfed the t.v channels. All the news channels were busy with their “ Breaking News” scrolling. The rest channels were filled with Saas- Bahu soaps. ( one thing about these daily serials, what ever be the time, irrespective of day and night, all the casting will be in party wear with huge makeup even when they wakeup from sleep. Women watch these soaps only for the costumes the actress wear.)
Mom served me the breakfast.  Every mom is the best cook in the world. The food was delicious.
I was back surfing channels. And damn time was not passing. Mom finished her work, came and sat beside me. She read my mood and was asking the reason behind it. Later to change the topic, we talked about various things but any discussion with parents comes to studies or career. She was asking my future plans. I said that I would be appearing for Gate exam and will start the preparation in few days.
In order to kill time, I started my preparation. I dusted my all in one. The book was almost new.  For some time my brain was occupied with the formula of finite element method. Each formula acted as a sleeping pill. Soon I slept making my all in one as my pillow. My mobile beeps woke me up. It was she.
“ hi where are u?”
“ why r u not online? Are u busy or outside?

I told her that cousin took my drive so cant access computer. (I exceeded my monthly limit of net in phone so I had no choice than messaging her.)
“ oh that’s too bad. Wait I have a way. Lets chat on phone” she said.
I too was about to ask the same but I was unable to ask.
This idea of her made my days more beautiful. Our phones never rested. Right from morning to mid nights we continuously spoke. All the chats helped us to know more things about each other in depth. And opinions matched 99% on any issue.
The TRAI has put a check to our happiness.
“ Only 100 SMS per day to any network. Rule comes under act from mid-night”
Indian Govt. never want to see us happy. This news created waves in youth. They used social networking sites to wage war on this issue and they won. Now the SMS limit was extended to 200 per day. Rest of the nation might have left happy but not me. Immediately I called my brother to take back my drive. He gave a negative news in a cool way saying that the drive was with his friend and I won’t get it for a week.
          200 sms were not enough for us per day. Infact in 2 hours, we crossed the daily limit. As mine was  over recharged  I dint had a problem. But she switched from mobile to,  etc., etc., msg sites in order to chat with me.  And at the end of the day, one call was mandatory and it would last for a minimum of one hour. I thanked my brother for taking my drive……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
On the 9th day evening, I got my drive back. I installed it and logged into gmail and facebook. She was happy coz now there is no need for her to switch to different msg sites.
“Hi, welcome back to gmail. Now I can relax” she said.
“ hey, will be texting after dinner” and she left. I was busy scanning my drive. I lost no content. It was fine. She came back from her meeting with a bad news.
“ I just got a call from my Saurish. He says results are out.Fingers crossed”
I was silent was a minute. I was not knowing how to react.
“oh ohh.... best of luck” said I and felt the chat saying I have some work. My mood got disturbed. She too was busy in numerous methods to open UMS and log into her account t see the marks. In between she messaged me as she was tensed about the marks.I was half-heartedly encouraging her.
After 1.30am I got the message from her.
“ Didn’t clear the php paper.. I got a Reappear.”
“ Oh no! happens. Don’t take it to heart. Better luck next time.. you didn't give the exam, study well for your re's” Said I.
“ Hmm. Yeah. A bit sad. Going for a break. Will chat later”
 I pretended to feel sorry for her. But inside I was happy. Some times we need to be selfish. She came back but still she was gloomy.
“ You still look sad. That was not the last job on planet. Chill.” I poked her.
“its not about the marks. One guy is continuously texting and calling me . He says he loves me and wants to marry me”
What the F*UK!!!!!!!!
“ Who is that guy” I asked. My blood was gushing.
“ .Hai koi TUM ni jante ushe" is all i heard from her, but I being I and so much jealous of that whosoever guy.... kept on introgating until she threw his name out of her lips.- Anukalp..He was my childhood friend Gurgaon but now stays and studies in Bangalore. Now he says that he wants to get commited to me. And he is about to propose me. I don’t like him at all. He knows about my breakup. I really don't know  what to do” she said in helpless tone.

I was in a state mixed of anger and jealous. Unknowingly I was being possessive about her.
“ then say the same thing that u don’t like him.” I said suppressing my anger.
“ I said it but insisting me continuously in mails and facebook. He has become a big headache to me now a days”
Now she was loosing her coolness. So I changed the topic to Shopping.
Now every girl has this unspeakable feeling towards shopping which ca derive them from any tension of the world, and she was no exception.
so we started discussing about new trends and she spoke suddenly with a heart full of amusement "apko pata, mumma and I went for shoppin aaj and I bought 7 tops, 2 jeans, 1 plazzo and 4 pairs of footwear's etc. etc.. mai apko pics Fb me send krungi dekhna" .
I was shocked after listening to her long shopping list. How can somebody spent so much on such a silly thing called shopping.

We spoke the whole night till she was sleepy. Even though am jobless I do night shifts. We continued our sms conversation all the day. When she is busy we sms’ed each other, and when nobody was around  we switched to calling eachother, or gtalk and facebook chatting was an all time boon for US.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

END of the enjoyment( i.e end of ENGINEERING LIFE)

4th Year…

                The year of placements. The phase which decides your fate. You will calculate your percentage now and then. Above 60 bindass, below 60 bakwaas.  Our faculty has about 400 marks for final semester in their hands. The dream day of every engineering faculty. In this stage, casuals turn into formals, You wish good morning, good afternoon, good evening and what not when ever a lecturer passes through, You will ask stupid doubts during class in short you leave no stone unturned to impress lecturers.
The entire semester completes with the same struggle and the actual study is a day before the finals. Thus from my point of view, a B.Tech Degree is not a matter of 48 months(4 years) but a matter 65 nights(65 subjects in total degree , hence 65 nights before each exam.) A lesson it has taught is that life is not that easy always. Time is one of the best teachers.

       10 commandments of engineering students:-
Study all the chapters one night before the exam.
Never write your assignment yourself.
Start writing the records only on the morning of submission day.
Treat all marks above 40 as Bonus.
Maintain atleast 70% attendance in canteen.
Should pass gracefully.
Should get attendance without being present ( Proxy is mandatory )
If u can’t convince the lecturer in viva, Confuse them.
Should be Outstanding student (spending most of the time outside the classroom)
 Start every sentence with 4 letter word. (F**k, I forgot, f**k, I dint prepare for it etc., )

Situations you go through..

Bad time : Your  non-engineering GF/BF is free to enjoy while u slog with submissions & exams.
Irony: The guy who copied your entire paper passes and you flunk.
Critical Calculation: Summing up the marks you'll get for the attempted questions in the exam...
Recounting & revaluation: A cruel joke. (asking to recount or revaluate the Supplementary exam marks)

Submission” time.. numerous questions occupy your brain…
   “ what is the font & format?”
   “ The diagrams should be in color or black & white?”
  “ What is this hand writing dude, are the values correct?”
  “ Are the dates correct?”
  “ Are the index contents correct?”

Next comes viva session…

Funny moments on Comprehensive Viva day..

Your mind says..“ I still din’t submit my record, forget about viva..!!”
Praying external examiner shouldn’t go through the content as you fluked some paragraphs.
Making the face of trying hard to remember the answer.
Frustrated moment When asked to prepare and come back for second time.
That face when not even a single letter of your answer don’t match the correct answer.
Confused moment when you don’t know which subject the question belongs to.

Classic moments…

Taking crucial decisions by toss. Ex:- Heads we go home, tails we go now. Heads theN you pay, tails we share.
Asking yourself  “how to start this experiment” ( when you are asked to complete an experiment on your own )
“Exam.., what exam ?? !! ( Screwed up face )
When your neighbor girl draw a diagram in her answer sheet and you have no idea which question it is.
 Panic mode : When some one says“ LPU will be releasing the results today evening “
Major relief:  When anyone announce “When class test have been postponed.”
Speed : Getting Ready In 5 Minutes.
 Sharing : Whole Class Copying One Assignment.
Presentation skills : Can Present One Answer In 5 Different Ways For 5 Different  Questions.
Editing : Your Report Contains At least 5 Pages Less Than The Person From Whom You Copied.
 Multi tasking: Playing Games On Cell, Sms To Gf/Bf, Gossiping With bench Mate, Day Dreaming, Making Teacher's Sketch And Still Pretending That You Are Listening What Teacher Is Saying.
Art : Beautiful Art On The Last Page Of Note Book.
 Sense of humor  : Provide Best Unintentional Humor To Teachers During Viva.

Exam time…

What I learnt... LPU won’t ask & what I left will be asked for sure.
The awkward  moment when you get struck in mid of the answer and you don’t remember the rest answer.
When you prepare for the question which appeared in last 2 years thinking it would come again. But it won’t.
When you leave a question which was asked last year thinking it won’t be asked this year. It will appear in 15 marks section.
When 5 mark question asked as 15 marks question.

Engineers Anthem after every Semester exam..

 Hum Honge All Clear,Honge All Clear, Honge All Clear Ek Din,
      OH-HO, Mann me hai vishwas, pura hai vishwas, hum hoge all clear ek din…

The Years of Engineering
           First year: Fond of Engineering
           Second year: Sick Of Engineering
           Third year: Tired of Engineering
           Fourth year: Finished by Engineering

Finally the last day in college….
Graduation day is filled with multi-emotions, you feel elated yet dejected. Happy yet sad, as this will be among the last days we will share with our friends and professors. The feeling will seep in later as the day concludes and you’ll wish it never ends. But all’s well that ends well.

As we’ll walk out from here, the college walls bear the story of the most precious years of our life. Our hearts filled with the best memories we could ever make.
The times we laughed, we cried, we screamed with joy.

College teach us a lot of things...

It has taught me to lose and also enjoy winning.
Taught me to have faith in my own ideas, and to believe in one’s self.
Taught me to be gentle with gentle people and tough enough to fight the world.
It made me learn enough to step into the real world.

Final moments…

A beautiful day comes to an end with hugs once again and promises to keep in touch. Wishes for a good life and luck flies in every corner while tear eyed students part filled with happy memories.

"am really gonna miss this place.......
am gonna miss my college days"

Lovely Professional University- The place I hated the most once, is now the sweetest memory I want to cherish my whole LIFE.
                                                                                                                            -Ankur Banerjee

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Its called "OUR STORY":

IF thoughts had voices, YOU could have heard this every
every time I met YOU...

Am I the only one blogging sitting upon a hospital bed. Yes, I think so. This hospital has become a home away from home for me now. Litres of saline has run through  my nerves. And about injections & medicines.. forget about them they made my body a mobile pharmacy store. The bandage wrapped around my head remembers a retro hero of bollywood who lost his memory in an accident. The doctors and nurses are friendly and took the best care of me. (care=bills they make ). About the hospital, the rooms are quite spacious. And about the people, most of them have a fake smile on their sobbed faces. They look pale due to lack of sleep & emotionally traumatized.  In regular time periods, they start walking, bending, stretching, and standing to kill some time & come out of emotional stress. The waiting hall is on the ground floor  always filled with visitors and relatives of patients 24/7. Each visitor comes with minimum of 2 fruit varieties. (Apples are must ).  Some high profiles people come with bouquet of flowers with a “get well soon” tag.

“ What do you keep on typing ? You don’t sleep at night, you don’t rest in day time. Look, you have to rest to recover soon” said Nandene. Nandene, my room nurse.  She might be in mid 20’s. She always wears a sweet smile on her face even when she pierce a needle into my skin.
“ I don’t get sleep so am posting some of my college incidents in my blog.” She took away my lappy and gave my night dosage. After that she left the room for her routine work. I kept my self busy. After a while she came back asking for my mother. I said she left and would be coming tomorrow morning.
It was night shift for her. She dint had much work to do. So we started casual talks. I said about my blog. She took my lappy and read some of my post. She liked it saying she too misses her college days.
“ Why did you try to kill yourself “ she asked still her eyes glued to screen. You have such a beautiful life.
“ I dint attempt any suicide, It was just an accident. ” I said even before she completes her sentence.
“ Oh ok. Accident is what when you collide with another vehicle or vice versa. But you rammed your bike into divider that too on an empty road.”
“ You wrote you stay away from girls. You were betrayed by a girl but you came out strongly. Then what happened?”
Her series of questions dint give me much time to think of alternate answers. I tried to change the topic but she was adamant.
“Have you loved anyone” I asked her.
“ No I dint. I don’t have time for it “ she replied.
“ Ok then you wont understand “ I said to avoid further discussion.
Women doesn’t like to listen the word “NO”. She kept on insisting.
“ I really don’t know why she did it.”
My eyes turned moist. I just  told her open folder with name “my life in my words”.
I have a habit of writing everything on my lappy. You can call it personal diary too.
“ It answers all your question” I said.
She opened it and started reading as if she was about to give an medical entrance. While I laid back surfing my memories. My mind has fasten its belt for a memory ride. Each moment was flashing in my mind.
The day I met her..
The day we became close..
The day I proposed. I loved her without even seeing her…
The day she accepted.
The day we went on date.
The day when she made her promises.
The day she failed to keep her promises.
The day she left.
(P.S: These were the file names preferably for the folder i told Nandene to open and read)
My pillow got wet with tears somewhat and some where there were tranquills of my smile. Thank god, tears are colorless. I slept off. When I woke up, mom was back. I searched for lappy, it was beside my bed.  Day passed quickly. Nandene came in the evening. She gave me half smile. She got into her work and came back to my room after finishing them.  We had some casual talks. She Have had mixed emotions for  my story. She asked me to share my story in my blog and left. now here i am sharing my story, for my girl to read it, somday... and smile...
smile untill. she feels the urge to come to me and say
"BUBU.... uh knw whats the best thing that ever happend to me?
Its -US-"

-Anything for LOVE